Featuring Local, Natural, Organic and GMO Free

I00% Handmade Ice Cream!
240 E Front Street  |  Traverse City, MI 49684

Handmade Ice Creams & Cakes

At Milk & Honey Cafe and Ice Creamery we believe foods should be farmed, processed and procured in the most simple and natural ways. We prefer and serve foods that are free from genetic modifications, chemical pesticides, food dyes, artificial preservatives, hormones and antibiotics.

We believe in transparency when it comes to ingredients and that it's best to serve folks and made offerings from ingredients their grandma would recognize as food.
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ice cream
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Mouthwatering Food

Drop by our store to taste some of the most scrumptious food items like the cherry chicken salad. You'll love our line of cheeses, bread, and sauces.

Find out what's in our stock of local, natural, organic, and GMO-free meats. Call 231-944-1036 today!
Fresh Dairy and Meats
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Refreshing Beverages

Revive yourself with our assortment of piping hot beverages! You can choose to have a coffee, chai, latte, cappuccino, or a rich hot chocolate.

We use top-quality products for our brews. Visit us to check out our range of hot drinks.
Piping Hot Beverages
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